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Where streets have no names [anymore]

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Yesterday my eyes saw a documentary about the lost city of Detroit, USA. I was stunned about this wasted property and thought about a friend who told me he was a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen because he sang about the American Crisis back in the eighties. My friend was from Groningen and saw the same thing going on, unemployment and people moving away from the countryside towards metropools. He became a friend when he settled in Renkum-city. He had seen the world by that time and learned from the experience.

Googling the topic I found out about 50 modern city’s are abandoned last century. Finally nature takes over and streets have no names anymore. Who wants to go there …

Being in Peking

Being in Peking

Another thing stroke me: people were talking about regaining the wastelands for the use of farming. I’ll hope the ground is fresh and clean, not poisoned by industrial use of the area. Modern builded cities in China are know to suffocate children by their poluted air. The chances for lungcancer are 2 or 3 times higher then in the countryside.

Brings us to the next topic: what if one lives in these urban area’s, there are still people leaving their birthplaces to search redemption in big cities all over the world … rumor goes more Ethiopia-trained doctors are living in Chicago then in Ethiopia.  Better call them Utopia-trained doctors in that case.


1985 – Bono mission trip


Strangely Ethiopia is the place which got Bono [U2] inspired of writing ‘where streets have no name’. During a concert, Bono said that the song is about judgement. He and his wife travel on a mission trip to Ethiopia every year. In this country, your class determines the street you live on. So just by knowing the name of your street, someone is already prejudging you. “Where the Streets Have No Name,” is a place that Bono longs for where people are not prejudged in this manner.

Live aid brought up £150 million (approx. $283.6 million) and wanted to stop famine in Ethiopia before the end of the year. They send all the food and trucks and else at the beginning of the rainy season, most food got piled up in storrages. Back then Eritrea was part of Ethiopia and got the harbours, but Eritrea and Ethiopia were in war for independance for 30 years. What caused the famine in the first place. transformation

One could easily say July 13th 1985 wasn’t the day music changed the world. Unfortunately it is war what changes the world, and war is the sum of all evils. People often say religion gives war. The truth is divisions come out of unwill to devide equal amongst  the other family, tribe or race.

Humans have the tendency to do right and wrong. In some people the dark side overrules them, other people have a strong force moving them to do the right things.

I myself traveled to Ethiopia in 1995 and saw a country in progress and met people wanting to share there bits and pieces of food and shelter with me.

Unfortunately there were areas where people lived of food aid for 2 generations. No one did anything until food arrived in trucks, they eventualy helped it unload…

My trip to Ethiopia started up a proces of Transformation fromout within …

Paratrooper Airdrop wide 300dpi

Paratrooper Airdrop

Close to Oosterbeek’s Mountain Bike Track are our Dutch Air Devisions Headquarters. Every year at the Battle of Arnhem’s remembrance ceremony these guys skydive unto Ginkels Heath.

Only recently they stopped tandem jumping with Veterans. Most likely their medical staff forbade them to jump out of airplanes any more. So we just have to do it with the young guns of the Air Mobile Brigade. They were new to the scene of modern warfare back in the ’90’s and because they constanly jumped out of airplanes they were nicknamed Slight Moron Brigade.

Forest, Forest Gump

Gump, Forest Gump

Our national Forrest Gumpers.

Nothing proofed otherwise, until…

Years passed since the nineties, 9-11 came and, in the midst of chaos, we were ready for Afghanistan and Iraq. These guys we mocked were the first who gone there. And all of a sudden, although KTM Motor Bikes were standard, they started cycling again!

Legerfietsen in Nederland (3)

folded bicycles early version

But … they did not use the folding bikes like back in the old days:

cycle patrouille

cheer em up!

Tour de Afghançe did it’s first stage, a time trial through the streets of Tarin Kowt!!! 

It took 69 years until bicycles returned to the combat scenerio. 19 oktober 2009, the first official Cycle Patrol took place in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. Eyes popped out of old men’s skulls, children cheered an ran after our guys.

Like Mountain Biking was invented in the USA in the ’70, Cyclo Cross came out of Flanders in 1900.  

Again a time lap of 70+ years. 

But … the European Armed Forces used 29″ bicycles from the beginning as a standard.

But … fair enough: back in ’09, the 26″MT-Bike was standard and we took over the idea from the American Army…

But … look at these pictures of Montague-Bikes : it is the folded bike again!!!


capture the flag

PARATROOPER Folded 300dpi

Paratrooper Folded