Riding With ‘Zombies’

Working as aid and relief workers one gets confronted with all sorts of troubles and troublemakers. Coming out of warzones as refugees life can get really tough sometimes. Anxiety attacks, feelings of being lost in this world and extreme aggressive behaviour can lead to dreadful situations, suïcide or sowing death and destruction.

Living or working under extreme stress over a longer period of time can set the bomb off too.

Most of the time something ‘pops in da head’ and one finds himself in a traumatic flashback.

We believe a different mindset can be created. We believe running 10+ or Cycling 100+ K can do the trick. Or 50+ on a Mountainbike trail. Investing in traumatized persons in a one on one situation, doing sports together empties our heads so new thoughts and experiences can fill the created room. Good resting, nutrition and an halt to addictive behaviour are part of the deal.  

We believe the human brain is capable of recovering from damage and thoughts and experiences can be ‘rebooted’.

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