Our main tool of introducing youngsters into the field of Transformational Development is our method ‘Bye-C-Cling’. When pronounced its method’s name says it all, we take our participants from site to site by Bicycle.  The Netherlands are covered with Bicycle lanes, one can not ride all of them in one lifetime. Especially the ones which lead through the forests give great riding fun. On them no mopeds are allowed because of wildlife disturbance.

Bye-C-Cling is set in a 3 years period. First year gives an intro on the method and a process of bonding within the group. Every group of 10+ members [age 17+] can start our program.

First year: the Netherlands, next year: Portugal or France and last year Morocco or Turkey.

Our goal is to travel from city to city and do sport programs with local youth. Every city has it’s own Mountainbike trails and connecting tracks to the next town. That way we give City to City a complete new meaning.

Sight C-ing

Sight C-ing

Bye: we connect to local youth, youth groups or organisations. Since we move on after a given period of time we have to say Bye Bye’.

C: what you see is what you get. Since we experience a lot of differences in terrain, cities and locals, we evaluate with our participants on what they’ve seen and witnessed. Doing so we transform this adventure into a learning experience.

Cling: it is our experience that youngsters who done it once, want to experience it again. It is also our experience that they stay connected with their newly made friends by social media and during their trip they stay connected with relationships at home.

beach soccer


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