Let me introduce myself as a Pastoral Care Giver, who seeks for the weak and lost. Back in 1994 I did relief work in Ethiopia, just a couple years after their 17 year of civil war ended. I met guys my age who had lived in warzones all their lifes. I’ve found bits and bones; remains of human body’s. Met girls who got raped by enemy forces.

My name is Erik Lammers married with children and from the Netherlands. Since 1995 I’ve worked and lived with refugees of war who lived in my country. Their centre was located at the end of our street. After my study theology I they kept popping up in front of me, so I helped them out whenever I could.

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I

During my time in Ethiopia a deadly disease almost killed me, leaving me with a traumatic stress disorder. It took years to get it under control. Every time setbacks made me explosive and dangerous. This disorder backfired on me with burnouts and sleepless nights. But I survived and meet species like me on a regular basis.

Cycling, nutrition and a tight schedule did the trick for me, whenever needed I take my fellow traumatised on long and harsh Mountainbike trips.



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