Competitive Golf for Kids   SA Kids Golf - Providing access to Golf courses and competitive tournaments for kidsScreening the internet on influantial methodes of transformation I found a couple coming out of South Africa. Years ago I read an article about SouthAfrica Kids Golf. Their target group is children who were  disadvantaged and giving them the possibility to excel. I’ve heard these kids did an excelent job. These are their teachers goals:

Ubabalo Chart

  • To guide child golfers in honesty, integrity, perseverance, confidence, respect, responsibility, courtesy and good judgement so that they may excel in life

Another thing I stumbled on was soccer and the Ubabalo Methode. Searching on the website made it clear that the methode was giving away for free. They give training to soccercoaches from all over the world.

  • Their site has served 1,750,027 resource downloads to at least 215 countries 42,180,500 resources have been distributed to 200 countries via CD and DVD.

The Ubabalo Methode got exported to Brasil and grew big overthere. For soccer and samba are big in Brasil anyway.

Bola Ubabalo


7 pastors were gathered to share their story of how they ended up at the camp. The first pastor recounted how the rebel forces entered his village, lined up his family members from the youngest to oldest – and starting with the youngest they used machetes to amputate and kill. Upon seeing this, the family began to run to escape – many lost their lives that day but some escaped the DRC to the safety of the Tanzanian refugee camp.

All 7 pastors had simulair stories. They thought the absence of fathers caused young soldiers to act in this way. It might be partly true. It shows humans are learning beings with a tendency to do evil when hurt. Although the Ubabalo methode provides father-like figures, it won’t say  it is the best thing. Sports and games are allways competitive and transactional. Take this guy for example:

Rinus Michels

the General

‘Soccer is War’

Due to his authoritarian style as coach Rinus Michels was called The General. He said “Professional football is something like war. Whoever behaves too properly is lost.” This has often been misquoted in the form “Football is war”. Michels felt the quote was taken out of context as he did not intend to equate war with football. Michels was named coach of the century by FIFA in 1999.

Herman-Brood -Me-


It’s a Dutch song: “If you win, you have friends / Rows and rows – true friends / If you win – ya never lonely / As long as you win” – Herman Brood

It is an art in itself to compose a starting team, finding the balance between creative players and those with destructive powers, and between defence, construction and attack – never forgetting the quality of the opposition and the specific pressures of each match- Rinus Michels

Johan Cruyff said about Rinus Michels“Both as a player and as a trainer there is nobody who taught me as much as him … I always greatly admired his leadership.”

Cruyff Foundation

Johan Cruyff started a foundation after his retirement as coach. Special target groups are disabled children, schoolkids and children in deprived neighborhoods. Every playground has a sign board with 14 rules:

Yellow Card - Warning!

Yellow Card – Warning!



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