Wolfheze's Stream

nice trails

Where ever one looks online, a huge piece of the MTB trail is missing. And it might be the best part as well! It ads a couple of kilometers extra to the route and it is completely marked too. When looking on MTB-routes, nobody seem to know. The strangest thing is, it starts at one of the official parkingplaces.

Wolfhezer Brook Postcard

It is a circle around of what we call: Old Wolfheze [AnnO 800]. Wolfheze was one of the oldest villages of the Netherlands but the Spanish Army burned it to the ground in 1585.  The only building remaining was the wild forsters house but was destroyed by flames too. So no one knew were the village was until mid 1800’s.

Nowaday’s a beatifull gate marks the entrance towards the area. The area is so beautifull there was an paintersvillage situated compared to Barbizon. The place were Vincent van Gogh grew into being.

One can find Vincent van Gogh at the Kröller-Muller museum on the National Parc Hoge Veluwe. One of the entrances is on the other end of the MTB trail at Schaarsbergen. This is the best entrance for cyclists, for it takes another 10Km through the park towards the Museum.

same place

same place

Oosterbeek and Wolfheze developed themselves into artist colonies. Its landscape contrasted to the rest of the country. Their painting was a combination of the Old School and English aquarel style.

The museum at Castle Doorwerth has a lot of these paintings. Doorwerths Castle is situated at the most southern point of the Mountainbike Track Oosterbeek.

MTBroutes.nl - MTB Route Oosterbeek (2)

Castle Doorwerth


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