There is a lot of things to say about Cross Country Cycling and Mountain biking, one of the things is its guidelines towards nature.



Since I grew up in the woods I allways hated offroad bikes for their overload on noise. We’d love to help the forester to keep watch over his domain, so we could play peacefully in our illegal treehouses and underground huts. We felt like we were the good guys because we ruined the wildlife in silence. Off course we were affraid of the forester too, but maybe he liked us more if we betrayed the older guys with their mopeds.

Cross Country Cyclists and Mountainbikers have the same relationship towards offroad motorists. Most forests in the Netherlands are forbidden area for those guys. The woods are simply to small and overpopulated with animals for noisy machines. We love our deer dearly and have organisations who buy land in the countryside and restore those pieces into historical paterns.

More and more people start living in the countryside and take public transport or drive towards their workplaces in the big cities. Good market for folding bicycles of all sorts.

A couple remarkable things happened during the last decade in Renkum’s municipality. Industry made place for what we call natural infrastructure. So the animal kingdom got it’s rightfull place in our monarchy. Wildlife got it’s freedom and could walk freely passing by bio industrial complexes. It is complicated I know …

One of the big guys was Vredestein, a well known producer of bicycle tires

Vredestein Renkum

to pieces

Former Factory Vredestein

Former Factory Vredestein

But … the Transformational Architects did a pretty good job …

Beekdal Renkum

Brook Valley Renkum



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