Airborne Van Gogh-style

Airborne Cycles By Van Gogh

Since this blog is about Cycling, History and Nature, I searched the Internet on the words ‘Airborne’ and ‘Bicycles’.

Airborne Badge

from the skies

Unto my big suprise I found out there’s a company in Ohio U.S.A. who’s got the name Airborne Bicycles.

Made contact with them and asked them they could send me a couple pictures to spice up the article with.


World Champion 4X 2013

Funny thing is, looking on their Facebook Photo Wall, I found out the next thing: recent 4Cross World Champion [Leogang 2013] Caroline Buchanan rides with their bikes. So they must have done something right.


walk on

It was the same final in which Anneke Beerten crashed.  Outside the scope of Red Bull TV  she fainted, got up again, completely bruised and battered she did finish by foot! Next day she couldn’t even walk … 4 weeks later she ended place 7 on the Enduro World Series

Gladly Dutchie Joost ‘the Boost’ Wichman won the World Trophee 4X for men. It was the Crown on his racing career. He quit cross. [Just got word he goes on to defend his title]

One wonders how a country without mountains makes winners like these? It must be our national trainingcentre Papendal which is situated in the heart of MTB Track Oosterbeek. We all admire the total dedication and focus of our top athlethes. Overcoming one self and the desire to go faster and becoming better each time isn’t something we all like to do. One needs a good team too, people who know the ropes and want you to excel and accelerate.

But why ‘Airborne’ one would ask?

Airborne Bicycles. Pathogen Frameset

Pathogen Frameset

It could be what the print on their bicycles says: ‘choose your path wisely’.

With Airborne Bicycles this path goes up in the air a lot …

And … what goes uphill, comes downhill.



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