Fongers Club

Bike Movement

Movement by Cycle

Couple years ago Dutch TV introduced a storyteller going to visit the country of his parents : Indonesia. His father served the Dutch Army, but was a local and his mother was Dutch. Indonesia used to be one of our colonies, all the way back until the days of the VOC.

Believe it or not somewhere halfway the series, he met the guys of the Fongers Owners Club. The biggest fun they had, cycling through the streets of Jakarta. Googling on the topic I found out the Dutch Army used bicycles from 1888 until the day the Germans took all the bicycles to their homeland [der Heimat] and ended our Cycling Infantry Devision.

Legerfietsen in Nederland

Lined Bicycle Squadron

One of our favourite jokes towards Germans ‘My grandpa called me lately, told me to tell you : he wants his bicycle back’

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