Bert and Tina

A well known Dutch song is about two friends who went out on their Motorbicycles towards the Motorcross at Hengelo. One rides a Norton and the other a BSA. Since they drunk and drove, nobody heard anything about them anymore … It might be the reason I never wanted a motor on my bicycle.


Inteligent Design

Let’s not forget the human body is a far more efficient machine, so not the best there is. Can’t beat God’s intelligent design.


old and new

So at the end of World War 2 the guys from BSA developed a Folding Bicycle, also known as the ParaBike. Although a common error has been made, the ParaBike is not the same as the BSA folding bicycle.

For it is only foldable by scrap press machine. It is the same model, but developed for the civilian market.

It looks a lot like the Dutch ‘Grandma Model’. Invented in the 1890 is it still going strong and very popular among youth. Though the ladies’ version of the roadster largely fell out of fashion in England and many other western nations as the 20th century progressed, it remains popular in the Netherlands; this is why some people refer to bicycles of this design as Dutch bikes. In Dutch the name of these bicycles is Omafiets (“grandma’s bike”) though in Frisia they often call them Widdofyts (Frisian for “widow’s bike”).


Granny Bike

The classic Omafiets conforms to the traditional ladies’ roadster design and comes with a single-speed gear, 28 x 1½ (ISO 635) wheels, black painted frame and mudguards (with white-blazoning at the back of the rear one), and a rear skirt guard. Modern variants, be they painted in other colours, with aluminium frames, drum-brakes or multiple gear ratios in a hub gearing system, will all conform to the same basic look and dimensions as the classic Omafiets. (The Dutch gentlemen’s equivalent is called the Opafiets (Dutch for “grandpa’s bike”) or Stadsfiets (“city bike”) and generally has the same characteristics but with a “diamond” or “gents'” frame, thereby much the same as the gentleman’s English roadster.)

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