yellow shirts

still going strong

When I was young, my brother’s casette player produced Dire Straight’s Brothers In Arms. Although my mother tongue isn’t English, the song made an huge impact on me. It took years and years until I understood the full meaning of the lyrics.

We’re fools to make war. On our brothers in arms. 

This week I spoke several guys who had something to do with war trauma. Not of the old war, but the wars of my age: Joegoslavia, Iraq, Algery. Like I said, most guys of the Battle of Armhem found piece at last or at least died fighting. But what about the guys who fought the recent wars and continue to struggle for a reason to life?

One guy still lives his battle everyday, his panic attacks make him a shadow of the man he used to be. His medicine make him fall to sleep. His anxiety attacks block him to face his deepest fear with an expert. He was raised during the stages towards war and wanting to do the right thing: fight for his people. Now he is lost in time

A bottle of whisky and a new set of lies. Blinds on the windows and a pain behind the eyes. Scarred for life – no compensation … [private investigation Dire Straights]

The other guy fought in every war imaginable of the last two decades. He learned to fight and choose to go to battle. When his cruelty took over his social life he started the battle within and finished his worst enemy : himself. He is believed not to be a danger to his environment any more.

The last guy lost his brother who got stabbed by an war traumatized Iraqi. A refugee of war living in our midst.

“Don’t admit this yellow bastard … There’s nothing the matter with him. I won’t have the hospitals cluttered up with these sons of bitches who haven’t got the guts to fight”… General George Patton 

Those words echo, but those days are gone. When you’re sick, you need medicine. I believe our body can provide a lot of sanity by doing sports. When extremely sick, do sports extremely seemed to be the cure for Lance Armstrong. To me cycling is a good way to empty ones head and rebuild new energy fromout exhaustion and prostration. Training, coaching and drugs makes one to overcome.

yellow cards

yellow fellow

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