Besides Cross Country Cycling through Renkum municipality’s countryside, one can get a glimpse of how it was like back in the days of Operation Market Garden, by playing a videogame called: Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway.

Brothers in Arms : Hell's Highway

View on Venlo

The whole Operation could be cut into two pieces; Market: airborne forces had to seize bridges and other terrain, and Garden: ground forces of the Second Army to move north spearheaded.

The ‘Brothers in Arms’ series is developed by Ubisofta company who started their journey in Carentoir – Brittany back in 1986.  Although D-day took place in Normandy, one can imagine guys from Brittany wanting to make a contribution too. Unfortantely the Battle of Arnhem is completely left out of this first person shooter. For a better view we have to watch the series ‘Band of Brothers’ or the film ‘A Bridge to Far’.

Perhaps Ubisoft – Montreal might consider bringing out: Brothers in Arms : Battle of Arnhem, most of the soldiers in 1944 were from Canada. Grazy thing is, the games are rated 18, but I’ve seen graves of guys younger.

Probably the worst battle for myself and my platoon was the battle for Arnhem where most of my platoon were either killed, wounded or taken prisoner. Of the 10,000 paratroopers, glider troops and glider pilots who entered Holland, only some 2,000 survived the ten days of fighting and came back to England.

I was wounded and became a prisoner of war but luckily survived the battle.

After the war ended I got back to England from the prisoner of war camp and spent four months in hospital recovering from my wounds. These finished my army career and I received a medical discharge, having obtained the rank of Warrant Officer. I was 24 years old.


Battle of Arnhem

These words came from an old man, who kept his mouth shut all of his life. Finally one of his grantsons asked him to open up…

The BBC published and updated these stories until February 2012; they were good guys …

to the people of Gelderland

to the people of Gelderland


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