signpost at Junoplateau

Cycling in Arnhem’s backyard allways confronts one with rememberance of Operation Market Garden.

On several locations ‘en route’ monuments, flags and crosses placed by individuals point out these hills were earned in blood. In Oosterbeek we have an Airborne Museum which explains a lot about the Battle of Arnhem and why it wasn’t succesfull.

The very same forests which surround the Mountainbike track of Oosterbeek containt a lot of enemy soldiers, and strong Panzerdivisions back in 1944. Nearby Mariëndaal Estate the war cemetery is located. Mariëndaal Estate makes one feel in the English landscape. The ‘Wall of Mariëndaal’ is notorious by Cyclists. Remembering all Allied Soldiers, coming into an English atmosphere all of a sudden a climb of 18% makes this allmost an spiritual journey.


Let me express it this way: imagine an English bloke from the countryside, jumping out of an Airplane or landing by Glider nearby Wolfheze. Trusting your leaders it will be over in a couple of days and then all of a sudden being faced with this complete unexpected heavy resistance ….


bsa early ab soldier riding

Next year [2014] all will be 70 years ago, so most of these guys from back then will rest in peace by now.


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