sign post Juno plateau

After switching my ‘summer tires’ [Schwalbe – Lugano] into its originals [Hutchinson’s Tech Gold Pro] I went out to Oosterbeek’s Mountainbike track. The Cyclocrosser I went with is a Gazelle Folata from the Goldline edition of 2010.  At least, that’s the year in which I bought it. There is lots and lots to say about the surrounding area of Oosterbeek. Its nature, its history and off course the flora and fauna. Since I’d love to ride my bike Offroad, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you something about that specifics as well.

On the other hand, I grew up in that area and every year we went to see ‘the Airborne Dropping‘ at the Ginkel’s Heath remembering Operation Market Garden, back in September 1944. Cycling through the forest as a 10 year old, I recently did it with my 10 year old. Since he was born in Arnhem [Rijnstate Hospital] I told him it might be a good thing to tell his classmates something about the history of his place of birth. Nowadays we live in the Utrecht area, so no one heard of Operation Market Garden overhere.

Cycling, Nature and History are the topics one can find here. Although my mother tongue is Dutch, I do speak several other languages. Besides that; I’d like to call myself a globe trotter. And for that reason I’d like to express myself in English. Otherwise Google Translate can help you out!


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